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cwinberg's Journal

Caroline Winberg Fans
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Welcome to cwinberg, a community dedicated to swedish model Caroline Winberg.

Birth: March 27 1985 in Sweden
Measurements: 5'11" ; 180cm (US) 34-24-34 ; (EU) 86-61-86

- In order to comment and post you have to be a member, so please join.

- You can post editorials, articles or anything related to Caroline.

- If you post more than a picture and/or it is more than 300x300 pixels please use a lj-cut.

- No promotion (this includes links to icon entries); if you post icons please post them here.
If you want to link icons to an outside journal or community please post them at modellen.

- Please don't hotlink from other websites, it is rude and it costs money.
Upload your images to your server (suggestions: imageshack.us, freeimagehosting.net, photoucket.com, etc).

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